Whenever you would like to build your own application which makes use of things, units or connectors you first need to register that app at our platform. By registering an app you will get a clientid and clientsecret which can be used (depending on the used oauth2 flow) to retrieve an access token. This token is required when working with our api as it allows our platform to match your requests to your app. Head over to our Developer Center in order to create your app.

Register a callback url

POST https://api.connctd.io/api/v1/actions/callback/register
 Authorization:APP TOKEN
Body: see below


Code: 200

This request stores a system wide callback url for all action requests that are related to this app. This is important whenever an app creates things that contains actions. As soon as a user triggers any of these actions by performing an action request the request is forwarded to the given callback url. Please note: if you are using our connector service you have to register your app specific connector callback url with this request. Here you can read how to get one.